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Table: Issue 13
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Agent simulation of functional differentiation-effects of infectious diseases associated with ambiguity of genes.
Masao Kubo, Saori Iwanaga, Hiroshi Sato
In this paper, epidemic diseases are taken up as factors that contribute to ``division of labor'' and ``functional differentiation''. We introduced an agent simulation with emphasis on reproduction. By this simulation we found that when genes have ambiguities and there are unique infectious diseases according to tasks and when not simultaneously suffering from multiple diseases, the occurrence of specialized sub-group is able to reproduce. .
A deep learning-based method for real-time personal protective equipment detection.
Hoang Manh Hung, Le Thi Lan, Hoang Si Hong.
Construction had the most fatal occupational injuries out of all industries due to the high number of annual accidents. There are many solutions to ensure workers' safety and limit these accidents, one of which is to ensure the appropriate use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) specified in safety regulations. However, the monitoring of PPE use that is mainly based on manual inspection is time consuming and ineffective. This paper proposed a new framework to automatically monitor whether workers are fully equipped with the required PPE. The method based on YOLO algorithm to detect in real-time protective equipment in images. Along with that, we have built a data set of 4,400 images of 6 types of common protective equipment at the site for training and system evaluation. Several experiments have been conducted and the results emphasize that the system has demonstrated the ability to detect PPE with high precision and recall in real-time.
Evaluations on applying testing techniques to improve reliability for mobile applications in Agile development environment.
Nguyen Thanh Hung, Nguyen Duc Man, Huynh Quyet Tha­ng.
The mobile application ecosystem has grown very fast with millions of applications and hundreds of thousands of developers in recent years. In the competitive trend, for mobile application products to be trusted, developers need to have the techniques, methods, and tools to (i) improve the effectiveness of testing in the process of development and determine potential failures before application is released, (ii) evaluate software reliability from experimental data of phases in software product development process, based on evaluation techniques to calculate the software reliability measurement value and (iii) performance used in different conditions in practice. In this study, we used the reliability growth model NHPP (Non-Homogeneous Poisson Process) to evaluate and determine the reliability of mobile applications through the application of techniques and methods. Automated testing and testing solutions have been published in our previous studies such as (1) source code optimization techniques, (2) One2explore context-driven testing, (3) Heuristics and Machine learning applications in testing, (4) automated test generation based on user stories and acceptance criteria. Research and experimental results evaluated on two real projects and tested on some Android applications from FOSS source code repository for positive results that can help Android developers improve quality, improve reliability and performance of mobile applications in the agile and competitive development environment.
A secure multi-bitplane steganography based on modified matrix embedding use canonical gray code for spatial images.
Nguyen Duc Tuan, Le Huu Dung
Hiding data into image flat regions introduces stego-images with low perceptual quality and security. Therefore, in this paper, a secure Multi-Bitplane Steganography based on Modified Matrix Embedding use Canonical Gray Code for Spatial Images, were proposed. In this proposed approach, image regions are adaptive selected based on the number of secret message bits and the complex characteristic of cover images. At low embedding rate, the high texture image areas are employed in data hiding. When the number of message bits needs to be embedded is increased, more image regions are used in data hiding, including high and low texture regions. To guarantee available embedding capacity, more than one of bit-plane of an image is used. The results, which are obtained from experiments with 10,000 natural images, indicate that the security against detection and extraction attacks is higher than that of previous methods even at high embedding rate.
Management and changing of key for encrypted data in outsourced database.
Ho Kim Giau, Nguyen Hieu Minh.
Data owners who have been outsourced database always want to protect information (avoid being stolen, modified data, ...) from the attacker on internet and even from the service provider. To protect their data, the data owners encrypt data before storing it in the cloud. When querying data, users retrieve encrypted data and decrypt it by using key which is provided by data owner. In a multi-user model, the data owner must have key management and distribution to protect database from illegal accesses. On the other hand, changing the key is necessary to avoid attacks due to the disclosure of key information. A naive method to change the key is to download the whole database to decrypt them, change the key, encrypt them, and then update the data. If the database is huge, this approach will take a lot of processing time and system resources. In this paper, the authors introduce a multi-user access management model and suggest a method of changing the key on a column-level management model. The experiments demonstrate the effective of the proposed method on reducing processing time of changing the key and it can be applied in practice.
Developing the Elgamal digital signature scheme on ring $Z_n$ prevent the attacks from revealing or coinciding of session key.
Le Van Tuan, Ta Minh Thanh, Bui The Truyen.
The Elgamal digital signature scheme and its variants are based on the discrete logarithm problem on finite field $Z_p$ that are not secure when a session key is revealed or coincided. Basing on the Elgamal digital signature scheme, we proposed two basic signature schemes. Basing on these basic signature schemes we proposed a new signature scheme in which its security is based on the discrete logarithm problem on finite ring $Z_n$. We demonstrate that the proposed scheme is secure when a session key is revealed or coincided. In addition, our scheme is correct, secure, and effective and it can be applied into practice..