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Stability Criterion and Stabilization for a Class of Discrete Control Systems with Time Delay.
Manh Hy Duc, Hong Nguyen Van
In this paper we present some criteria of stability and stabilization for discrete control systems through the linear matrix inequalities.
Building the Automatically Matching Algorithm Applicable for Aerial Image Pairs.
Dao Khanh Hoai, Vu Van Truong
This paper proposes algorithm automatically matched pairs of aerial images based on the association of the intensity-based matching and the feature-based matching techniques. Since then propose a new algorithm with several improvements to enhance stability in matching aerial images. The reliability of the proposed algorithm is tested on the images which are snapshoted from cameras: RC20, RC30, Ultracam on manned aircraft and Canon EOS D30 SLR cameras mounted on unmanned aircraft MD4-1000..
Fitness Sharing for the Direction-guided Evolutionary Algorithm.
Chi Cuong Vu, Lam Thu Bui
In evolutionary computation, fitness sharing is a popular technique to handle multi-modal optimization problems, which include many possible local or global solutions. In our previous publication, we proposed a new direction-based evolutionary algorithm, called DEAL. It was shown working effectively on nonlinear optimization problems. In this paper, we extend further DEAL towards the area of multi-modality by applying fitness sharing, and called the new version as SharingDEAL. We validated SharingDEAL with a wide range of 20 popular test problems. The obtained results indicated a strong performance of SharingDEAL in dealing with multi-modality and in comparison with other algorithms.
Early Packet Rejection Technique using B-tree.
Nguyen Manh Hung, Nguyen Kien Cuong
The early rejection of undesirable packets plays the critical role in the performance of firewalls. It helps firewall avoid to be overloading and improve firewall packet filter speed. Therefore, the early undesirable packet rejection has attracted the interest of many scientists in the world. There have been many early undesirable packet rejection techniques such as Field Value Set Cover – FVSC, Self Adjusting Binary Search on Prefix Length-SA-BSP, Statistical Splaying Filters with Binary Search on Prefix Length - SSF-BSPL. The performance eficiency of FVSC technique is mainly based on the reduction of rules number using Field Value Set Cover, while SA-BSPL and SSF-BSPL techniques use the the self adjusting character of binary tree, statistical splaying filters search, and classify packets based on prefix length. However, all of these techniques have drawbacks, for examples, rules searching methods in FVSC and the depth of finding in SA-BSPL and SSF-BSPL. In this paper, we have analyzed in detail the disadvantages of those techniques above and proposed a new early undesirable packet rejection technique using data structure B-Tree.
Vietnamese Text Summarization based on Voting Techniques.
Nguyen Nhat An, Tran Ngoc Anh
Text summarization is the text concise process that retains the important information. This report proposes a new approach in the Vietnamese text summarization by voting techniques based on inheriting some methods of text summarization before. The idea of this approach is to view the result of each method of the different text summarization is a voting leaf sorted order in the extracted sentence, use the voting technique to choose elite candidate sentences based on the voting leaves. For comparison and evaluation, we used the measurement of semantic similarity between the summarization text of system and human. Experiments show the results obtained after evaluation are highly accurate, can be applied in practice.
Building the Algorithm of Automatically Recovering Orientation Status of the Camera.
Dao Khanh Hoai, Vu Van Truong
This paper proposes an algorithm to determine the relative orientation status of the aerial camera for building 3D surface. The approach in this paper is based on the combination of image pyramid technique, feature-based matching and area-based matching and take into the characteristics of aerial photography approach to give optimal solutions for determining the relative orientation parameters of the camera. The reliability of the proposed algorithm was tested on the images which was taken from many different aerial cameras..
On the Performance Analysis of Underlay Relay Cognitive Networks with Erroneous Channel Information.
Khuong Ho Van
This paper presents a general framework for performance analysis of underlay relay cognitive networks with arbitrary number of hops, erroneous Nakagami-m fading channel information, secondary users (SUs) of different maximum transmit power (MTP) levels, maximum transmit power constraint (MTPC), and interference power constraint (IPC). Exact and asymptotic bit error rate (BER) formulas are proposed in closed-form and extensively corroborated by Monte-Carlo simulations. These formulas play a key role in system performance analysis under different operation parameters as well as system design optimization without the need of time-consuming and exhaustive simulations. Notably, analytic results show that underlay relay cognitive networks experience performance saturation and their performance is significantly affected by channel information imperfection, modulation level, and fading severity level.
Design of Ultra-wideband Bandpass Filters with Narrow Notched Bands Using a Ring Resonator.
Nguyen Tran Quang, Doan Minh Tan, Ta Chi Hieu
In this paper, compact ultra-wideband (UWB) bandpass filters with a/two notched bands are proposed based on a ring resonator. Broad passband and narrow notched bands with controlled even/odd-mode resonator frequencies can be adjusted conveniently by changing the characteristic impedance of the ring resonator. Some transmission zeros are introduced to improve the selectivity and harmonic suppression of the proposed ultra-wideband bandpass filters with notched bands. To verify the presented concept, three prototypes with 3-dB fractional bandwidth greater than 120 $\%$ are designed and fabricated. The results show that simple structure, good in/out-of-band performance can be achieved in the proposed ultra-wideband bandpass filters.
Human-competitive Results Obtained by Genetic Programming.
Quang Uy Nguyen