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Improved type-2 fuzzy Subtractive clustering approach to image segmentation
Uyen Nguyen Mau, Long Ngo Thanh, Tinh Dao Thanh
In this paper we investigated some clustering techniques in image segmentation. Based on image data characters, authors proposed an improvement in approaching Improved Type-2 Fuzzy Subtractive Clustering. The theory and practices showed that, in general, it is better than Mountain Clustering, Subtractive Clustering, and Type-2 Fuzzy Subtractive Clustering in number of calculating points, so that the time time consuming is less than others. In the worst case, the number calculating points is equal to the best of other approaches mentioned. Because it is based on Type-2 Fuzzy Subtractive Clustering, so that the result is the same with that algorithm. This approach may be extended to other data types with the same effect.
Visual fire detection based on spatial structure of fire blobs
Ha Dai Duong, Tong Minh Duc, Dao Thanh Tinh
This paper proposes a new model for Visual Fire Detection based on the analysis the spatial structure of fire blob. The method consists of three processes: potential fire blob extraction based on pixel-level processing, features of spatial structure are considered, and a new algorithm to detect fire. In first step, the authors use color of pixel to identify potential fire blob. After that, the spatial structure features of fire: "ring" and "tops" are extracted. Relied on the spatial structure features the fire detection algorithm is proposed. Test results show that the proposed algorithm characteristics and relatively good results for images with fire in room with ambient light conditions.
Balance scheme with translation with of block
Tran Minh Tuyen
The report proposed the concept of balance schema in the database model of block form, demonstrate the properties of balancing scheme, the algorithm transforming a block scheme for balancing scheme, the relationship between the balancing scheme, the key of block and the translation of block schemes ... In addition, the relationship between the balance block scheme in the database model of block form and balance relational schema in the relational data model has been stated and proved here.
Method to design wire antenna used for military HF transceivers
Nguyen Quoc Dinh
This paper presents a method to design wire antenna used for military HF transceivers. Main technical parameters of the antenna are calculated and its optimized structure is proposed to produce a simple antenna with low cost while still maintaining desired antenna parameters.
A new solution method for pseudomonotone equilibrium problems
Nguyen Duc Hieu, Bui Van Dinh
We propose a new method for solving an equilibrium problem where the bifunction is pseu-domonotone with respect to its solution set. This method can be considered as an extension of the one introduced by Solodov and Svaiter in [28] from variational inequality to equilibrium. An application to Nash-Cournot equilibrium models of electricity markets is discussed and its computational results are reported.
Design of dual-band bandpass filter for Wlan and Wimax applications
Doan Minh Tan, Do Quoc Trinh
In this paper, dual-mode dual-band bandpass filters (BPFs) using short-stub loaded half-wavelength resonator are presented. Based on the lossless transmission line model analysis, it is found that two center frequencies can be easily adjusted to the desired value by tuning the length and width of short-stub and half-wavelength line. Furthermore, new structures of couple-line are introduced to satisfy desired external coupling degree for each band. In this way, the bandwidths of there filter are controllable, while taking good selectivity and improved upper-stopband performance. For demonstration purpose, a dual-band bandpass filter for WLAN (2.4GHz), WiMAX (3.5GHz) and two dual-band filters for WLAN (2.4/5.2GHz) applications are implemented with different structures. Three dual-band bandpass filters with very compact size are realized in the form of microstrip lines and its frequency responses are measured to validate this method.
Existence and uniqueness of strong solotions to 2D g-Navier-Stokes equations
Nguyen Thi Thanh Ha, Nguyen Van Hong, Dao Trong Quyet
We study the existence and uniqueness of strong solutions to the first initial boundary value problem for the two-dimensional non-autonomous g-Navier-Stokes equations in bounded domain.
Design choices of Multi-Ported Memory for FPGA
Hoang Trang 80-91
Many applications need multi-ported memories to increase the process speed and allow write and read memory banks from multiple ports at the same time. Most FPGAs only support dual port RAM (including simple and true dual ports), and we must build by ourselves multi-port RAM from available logic elements and RAM building blocks of FPGAs when the number of port exceeds 2. In this paper, the conventional approaches for implementing multi-ported memories are analyzed by using Stratix FPGA of Altera. This work proposes Live Value Table-Multipumping based approach that could improve performance in area, speed and increase the memory depth compared with the previous works. The area detail is also given to help the designer defining which blocks affect significantly to the total area of design, and to help designer deciding which blocks should be optimized. This work also helps the multi-ported memory designer choosing which approach is suitable for the specific application.
Genetic algorithm and application for supporting working schedule at hospitals
Phan Viet Anh, Bui Thu Lam
In this paper, we propose a model for a decision support problem: staff scheduling at the hospital. For this problem, a wide range of schedules will be applied for different kind of staff; each person may perform many various tasks but a single task at a certain point of time. Meanwhile, working time for staff is set equally. Regarding the possible solution, we first try to derive a mathematical formulation of the problem with 2 sets of constraints: hard and soft. Based on the formulation, we design a genetic algorithm for finding solutions for this problem. To validate the proposal, we run multiple tests on a real dataset. The testing results are compared with findings of hill-climbing algorithm.
 An efficient pipeline architecture of JPEG2000 MQ-Coder
Huynh Ngoc Tuan, Hoang Trang
105- 119
The Embedded Block Coding with Optimized Truncation (EBCOT) consists of Bit-Plane Coding (BPC) and MQ-coder, is one of key algorithms of JPEG2000 compression system. However, this coder block takes the majority of compressing time because of individual bit processing routine. In this paper, the efficient pipeline architecture for MQ-Coder is introduced to achieve high operation frequency and 100% of the throughput. The pipeline technique based structure is proposed and allow the JPEG2000 compression system to achieve high clock rate, increase the data rate. In addition, the architecture uses Streaming Bus to synchronize pixel and bit-stream easily in the compressed image. The introduced architecture is implemented on different FPGA platforms and it operates at 151.68 MHz, processes 151.68 mega sample per second with the reasonable hardware resource (1373 LEs and 714 registers) on Altera - EP3SL50F484C2 FPGA platform.